The Ultimate Typing Championship is created to find the fastest typists in UiPath. Players compete against each other in typing races. Typing races are done in real time online via an online typing race application.

Participate if you ❤️LOVE Typing!

Chances to win Prizes!

Opportunity to enjoy competitive Environment!

Know your competitors!


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  • Winner: Yet to decide.
  • Runner Up: Yet to decide.


  • 1. We will be allowing max 120 participations ( First Come First Serve )
  • 2. We will be dividing all participants in 20 groups ( 6 participants in each group )
  • 3. After each round we will pick 1 winner of the group, who will play next round ( with hightest typing speed )
  • 4. Top two finalist will play final, Final will be of 3 rounds, and the participant who wins 2 out of three game, will be the winner
  • 5. Winner and Runner-up will get prize money
  • 6. We will be using website races, Please get acquainted with it before the race.
  • 7. Dishonest competition between players will not be tolerated. You shall not cheat during gameplay or carry out any action to artificially enhance your typing speed or other statistics use any third-party software to modify TypeRacer to change gameplay, including, but not limited to cheats and/or hacks; carry out any action with a disruptive effect on the gameplay for other players;
  • 8. Each participants need to turn on their camera during the Game race.